Heart work.
Hard work.
That’s us.

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When it comes to creativity, we’re like kids in a candy shop. Goosebumps on our skin, butterflies in our stomach.

We toy with sweet little kernels. Coat them with hard work, love and talent. And give them that wonderful glaze of technology.

We love pixels. We also love paper. We’re adaptable and flexible.
We can do a perfect split ‘through the line’. Or gracefully pirouette from above to below. We can embellish pages online. Or deck up streets offline.
Doodle dreams, curate content, tell stories. We can do anything. Except, sit still.
Yup, we’ve got the lingo down to pat, the tools in our bag, the fire in our bellies.

So come on over, say hi. This story’s just begun.

Purna Lahiri

Co-Founder & Director

Purna has been writing since as far back as she can remember. As a toddler, her nonsensical scribbles on reams and reams of paper could have given Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky some serious competition. As she grew, she realized the power of words and wielded her pen for almost everything: apologize to her parents, profess her love, fight boredom and contemplate life. And so of course the trend continued into her work life where she used words to weave brand stories and sell products.

Since she co-founded her own entrepreneurial venture in 2015, she has also been running a business. She now seeks to fortify her managerial skills with a full-time MBA degree from the UK.